Shinjuku Station

I made this photo as I was walking around Shinjuku Station one day in fall. I saw this woman walking towards me, so I paused, took my camera out of my shoulder bag, and waited for her to get close. As she passed directly in front, I turned, crouched down, and took this shot. To avoid being obvious in these situations, I often look to the opposite direction while I wait for subjects to approach and at the last minute will take the shot. Shot on a Contax G1 with Kodak Portra 400

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Birthday Portrait

A few years back, I decided to treat myself to a night in a fancy hotel for my birthday. This shot was taken on the eve of said birthday at the Cerulean Hotel in Shibuya. For this shot, I placed the camera on some books which were sitting on the bed, set the timer for 10 seconds, walked over to the window seat, and laid down. I was happy with how it came out, notably how the sun is cascading over the top of the building casting that golden light.


Asleep in Yoro

I shot this on my iPhone en route to photograph an art walk event in Yoro, Gifu, Japan. The young man was nodding off for a while, and I remember composing the photo in my head a few times, but it wasn’t until we got to this clearing that I opened the camera app, and shot this.

In Tokyo, it is rare to see so much open space while riding a train, and I believe it is precisely this space that makes this photo that much more enjoyable to view.