Fall at Meigetsu-in

Shot through the main hall of the Meigetsu-In temple in Kanagawa, Japan, a woman is framed in the round opening as she saunters through a garden of fall leaves as they display their vibrant colors.

Last fall, I took a day trip down to Kamakura with my friend, Haruka, to do some shooting for her clothing brand. We started our journey for the day at Meigetsu-in temple and took a few shots before heading to our leading destination for the day. If you find yourself in Kamakura, I highly recommend getting off at Kita-Kamakura Station, instead of Kamakura Station, and walking the short distance to this temple. As a bonus, If you are need of some coffee either before heading to Meigetsu-in or after, the near-by Ishikawa Coffee offers some excellent hand-drip.