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I am honored to announce that I am an official Ambassador for 500px!

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A Night in Ginza

The shot was taken using a marble section, which may be intended as a decorative piece or shelf, of the backside of the Metro station entrance. I often use reflection in my photography, so anytime I see something that has the potential to reflect, I look to see if I can compose an interesting photograph out of it.

Shot in Ginza, Tokyo

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Views from Yoyogi-Uehara

This is the view from my old apartment in Yoyogi-Uehara. I considered it a nice apartment, and while this view was only accessible from the back stairs, I sometimes found myself hanging out in the stairwell, drinking a beer, and watching as the sun went down over Shinjuku in the distance. It certainly will be missed.

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Aoyama with Natsuko

Natsuko and I were scouting the streets of Aoyama looking for places to shoot for a series for Shohei Apparel.

I was trailing behind as she walked ahead, just as she looked back to see why I was lagging, I shot this photo. I prefer capturing photos that happening organically.


Summer's Past

Shot on a rainy day in late July in Ito, Japan. Ito, located in Shizuoka prefecture, is a port town known for its naturally-occurring hot springs which swell underground and get tapped into the many onsens which dot the city. Ito is the perfect place for a weekend getaway from Tokyo, and I often head a few times a year for this very reason.



Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory

How shooting what inspires you can lead to a new friendship...and some extra cash - I was on the 45th floor observation deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on assignment for a travel guide when I saw a man standing alone with his back towards me and his gaze fixed out the window upon the massive and unceasing sprawl of Tokyo below. This scene summed up perfectly the mood I was trying to convey at this location, so I framed the shot and took a few photos. After checking the images, I walked over to the man, introduced myself, showed him what I took and asked if I could take a few more photos of him, this time less-candid. He happily obliged but first asked if I could sell him one of the images as he said he liked it so much that he wanted to print it out and hang it in his flat as a memento of his time spent in Tokyo. I told him I would be happy to send him the jpg, print ready, and that no money would be necessary, we exchanged emails and went our separate ways. The following day I send him the file, ask how he's getting along in Japan and offer a few personal recommendations for things to do and places to eat in the city. He returned my email, thanked me again for the photo and made me promise that I will look him up should I ever find myself in London. Thinking that was that, and that at the very least I not only made a friend but also made someone happy by giving them something they can remember Japan by, I was happily surprised when, the next day, a small, but well-appreciated, amount of money arrived into my Pay-Pal account.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory Information:


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Fall at Meigetsu-in

Shot through the main hall of the Meigetsu-In temple in Kanagawa, Japan, a woman is framed in the round opening as she saunters through a garden of fall leaves as they display their vibrant colors.

Last fall, I took a day trip down to Kamakura with my friend, Haruka, to do some shooting for her clothing brand. We started our journey for the day at Meigetsu-in temple and took a few shots before heading to our leading destination for the day. If you find yourself in Kamakura, I highly recommend getting off at Kita-Kamakura Station, instead of Kamakura Station, and walking the short distance to this temple. As a bonus, If you are need of some coffee either before heading to Meigetsu-in or after, the near-by Ishikawa Coffee offers some excellent hand-drip.